Siamak Shajarian

Siamak Shajarian born in the city of Mashad in northeastern Iran, is arguably the most accomplished Persian traditional signer living in the United States. He has performed with such masters as Jalil Shanaz, Faramarz Payvar, Mohammad Ali Kiani-nejad, Mohammad Esmaeli, and Farhang Sharif.

Shajarian's public musical life began when he was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts in Mashhad at age eleven. He inherited his talents in singing from his father and in calligraphy from his mother. He studied the Persian vocal art (avaz) and its Radif with Ghafoorian and Gholam Hossein Zahiredini, and completed his studies under the direction of his brother, Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Esmaeel Mehrtash. In addition to mastering the vocal Radif of Persian traditional music, Shajarian has also studied Tar, Santur and Tombak.

In 1977, he moved to the United States. Soon after he joined Oshagh Ensemble and gave numerous concerts across the U.S. and Canada. Shajarian has appeared on many festivals and radio interviews. His most recent recordings are "Kereshmeh" with Payvar Ensemble, "Shoukh-e Sangdel" by Mohammad Ali Kiani-nejad, and "Light and Fire" with Lian Ensemble. Currently he lives in Los Angeles where he teaches Persian traditional vocal Radif.